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Our Story

FeatureIT was setup in 2009 as a partnership between Penny Anderson and See Wong to explore the opportunities for semantic technologies solutions to manage complex workflows between multiple business applications.

Awarded a NZTech grant to explore semantic models for business application processing.

FeatureIT has worked closely with customers in New Zealand and Australia over the years to develop custom software integrations with particular focus on stock management and sales solutions.

Our Story

The resulting software service was the starting point for FeatureIT’s first business application integration platform.  The platform dealt with complex processing needs for a growing number of clients from varying industries.

During this time FeatureIT gained key capabilities in:

  • Understanding domain semantics
  • Managing complex data ingestion from multiple source types
  • Data harvesting with Artificial Intelligence (AI) workflow for connected solutions

Our Services

Custom data platform solution

A flexible data platform that can ingest data from multiple sources then monitor, assess, predict, and optimise the information gained, deriving meaning from your data.
Knowledge – Value – Freedom

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Depth of experience

FeatureIT have gained years of experience helping client stakeholders understand the opportunities to readily utilise a combination of enterprise and Big Data to meet the business user’s needs.

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Proven Technologies

FeatureIT’s proven technologies, processes and training have successfully helped New Zealand companies leapfrog the international competition by building their own capability in this space.

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Our Solutions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) planning and workflow fully integrated with popular cloud vendor solutions including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Accounting, Inventory Management, Point of Sale (POS), Online Sales Platforms, Time Tracking, Booking Management, Project Management, and Job Management applications.

This cloud based solution is available to manufacturing and services domains as an alternative to buying into the potentially limited one vendor enterprise resource planning (ERP) model.  Our solutions allow our customers to mix and match both target and source business applications for a complete production planning capability at relatively low cost.

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Who we work with

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