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Get the most from your data…

Information and Data Strategy Services

FeatureIT have been using cutting edge technologies to help businesses make sense of the data they are accumulating on a daily basis.  Often this data is confined to the software solution it was captured in – be that a legacy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution or a spreadsheet.

The “Internet of Things” (IOT), “Big Data” and “Ubiquitous Connectivity” have great potential for the business of the future.  FeatureIT have a successful record in helping businesses understand the opportunities for fully integrated cloud solutions and utilising intelligent data platforms to tap into these global trends.

FeatureIT provides the “know how” and tools to get your data working for you through the fully integrated cloud business applications of your choice.

The FeatureIT Intelligent Data Platform

Most Information and Data Strategy Services will document a report and advise a roadmap.  FeatureIT are  passionate about defining and implementing data strategies.

The FeatureIT Intelligent Data Platform has been designed to utilise the latest technology that learns from your data as it is processed.  This real time information can then be used to optimise processing, enabling speed accuracy and reliability in decision making.

We have a solid track record of providing the tools to successfully migrate your data into a flexible cloud friendly data store to be connected to numerous cloud business solutions including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Accounting, Inventory Management, Point of Sale (POS), Online Sales Platforms, Time Tracking, Booking Management, Project Management, Job Management, or custom web applications.

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