Your Christmas Cloud

As people get ready for the festive season, many business owners are wondering how they will get through the Kiwi ‘shut-down’ period.

Whether you break up on Christmas Eve, or give your staff a ‘shopping’ day and close the doors on the 23rd, you close the door with reluctance.

  • What if the materials and stock you ordered doesn’t arrive in time?
  • What if shutting down the manufacturing plant for 3 weeks, 2 weeks or even just for the statutory holidays, puts pressure on your job/project deadlines?
  • What if clients with overdue bills don’t pay you till February?
  • How are the never-ending school holidays going to impact your team?

Starting the New Year from behind the eight ball can definitely wipe out any benefits of an enforced break. Moving your business systems to the ‘Cloud’ changes all of this.

Check out the top benefits of cloud computing for manufacturers.

  1. Visibility
    • For manufacturing businesses with a number of warehouse and shop locations, you gain the ability to access your software from any location
    • You can be sunning yourself on a beach in Fiji and check to see how jobs are progressing back in New Zealand & chase those debtors!
    • Customised reports can be run automatically pulling information from a number of different sources / systems
      • No more hours spent pouring over frustrating spreadsheets
  2. Flexibility
    • Cloud based systems will make it easier for employees to access your manufacturing tools and they data they need to access to enable them to perform their role
    • You can slice and dice not only the data but the parts of the system you want staff to view and what you don’t
  3. Productivity
    • Management, staff and contractors can spend time doing what they are employed to do rather than trying to fill in numerous forms, creating extensive reports to provide you with the information you need to know where things are at.
    • Workflows can be automated from one task to the next with ease
  4. Efficiency
    • Data will only need to be entered once, in one system and will flow through automatically into all other systems the information is needed to flow to
  5. Mobility
    • Take that holiday to Fiji! You can keep an eye on the business… if you need to.
    • If staff need to spend time working from home over school holidays, they can access everything they need to do their job as if they were actually in the office

Perhaps it’s not too late to ask Santa for a manufacturing cloud for Christmas.

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